Houses and preserves a set of photographs, printed and typed manuscripts, which are organized within four photographic and three personal funds that are permanently available for consultation:

1. The Franz Mayer Photographic Archive
2. The Franz Mayer Collection Photographic Archive
3. The Institutional Memory Photographic Archive
4. The Franz Mayer Personal Archive
5. The Wolfgang Paalen Personal Archive

The Documentary Collection

Franz Mayer


The collection includes 14,194 photographs taken by Franz Mayer in Mexico and during his travels around the world. Likewise, the fund includes his family pictures and from his house-museum, along with 816 photos that Mayer collected, from which a group from Hugo Brehme and other photographers who pictured The Ten Tragic Days, landscapes, and customs of Mexico from the beginning of the Twentieth-Century stand out.

Different types of techniques, materials and supports are a part of this fund, including personal albums, magic lanterns, stereoscopic views, nitrate negatives and cellulose acetates in various formats, as well as silver gelatin prints.

Franz Mayer Collection


The collection is currently composed by 2,614 analog photographs and 8,717 digital photographs of the art pieces from the Franz Mayer Collection: ceramics, paintings, engravings, watercolors, textiles, sculptures, furniture, and silver, to mention a few.

Institutional Fund


The Institutional Fund is constituted by 11,500 digital photos and 8,244 analog photographs from the permanent and temporary exhibitions, along with the events that have taken place at the Franz Mayer Museum. Likewise, historical photographs from the architecture and the adjustments made to the building that now houses this cultural institution have been added to the collection.

Personal Franz Mayer


This archive includes 6,258 files with documents produced and collected by Franz Mayer during the development of his different work-related, daily and collector’s activities.

It is made up mainly by documents such as: correspondence, bills and all types of records related to the acquisition of decorative art pieces, books, and the cultivation of orchids and carnations; personal documents such as his birth certificate, civil state and identity, passports and official credentials, presentation, business cards, cards; correspondence for business matters, as well as with friends and family.

Wolfgang Paalen


This personal archive of the Austrian artist Wolfgang Paalen was donated by the Wolfgang and Isabel Paalen Foundation alongside the collection of artworks in 2005. At present, the collection is integrated by a total of 826 photographs and 176 files with printed documents, manuscripts and typed manuscripts in which it is possible to find texts from his authorship, including information about his life, his work and some of the links that he established with other important characters and artists of the Twentieth-Century.


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Digital reproduction

Allows the user to obtain a digital copy of the documentary material for its use and reproduction in academic publications, research and cultural promotion.

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Internal loan

Consultation of the documentary material inside the museum’s facilities.

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